The compact and manoeuvrable ride-on suctionsweeper

The Twin Top combines the effective Tandem-Roller-System “TRS” from Stolzenberg with a powerful dust removal system. The lateral brushes sweep the refuse in front of the first roller brush. This brush, together with the second roller, transports the dirt on the basis of the overthrow principle into the dirt collector, which can be filled up to 75% of capacity. The dust removal system reliably traps the fine dust in the large filter which can be cleaned electrically whenever necessary. Even large refuse items such as bottles. The rear-axle drive means that it can also climb ramps with a grade of up to 20%. The Twin-Top is capable of rolling over and sweeping up. The electrical filter cleaner, developed by Stolzenberg, cleans even deeply ingrained lamellar areas, reliably and comfortably, and removes up to 45% more dust from the lamellar filters than conventional cleaning mechanisms.

In order to quickly and efficiently clean larger interior and exterior areas, frequently the walking speed of hand sweeping machines is not sufficient. Big ride-on machines, however, cannot be manoeuvered and are too cost-intensive. The “small” ride-on line from Stolzenberg eliminates such problems: with a sweeping capacity which is superior to many ride-on sweeping & suction machines, but with the ease of handling of hand-guided sweeping & suction machi nes – the Twin-Top TT 1000 is ideally suited for application on concrete and asphalt surfaces, cobblestone and tiled surfaces as well as carpeting. As a ride-on machine the Twin-Top offers up to 50% more area capacity than hand-guided sweeping & suction machines with the same sweeping width – at a remarkably Iow price.

TT/E 1000

up to 8.000 qm