The solution for perfect sweeping results

Inspired by these shortcomings which have still not completely been reduced, better sweeper technology was born over 30 years ago in our R & D department with large research expenditure:

The tandem roller system (TRS)
The TRS has eliminated all weaknesses of its predecessors and therefore virtually revolutionized the sweeper.

The pioneering function of TRS

The two roller brushes rotate against each other – the front one with and the rear one against the direction of travel. Here, the front roller brush works purely as a transport roller and as a result rotates in the air without touching the floor – thus it has no wear and only a low power consumption.

The garbage which the front brush has run over is passed from one roller to the other and transported upwards.

Through a precisely defined guide plate above the roller intersection, the dirt which is hurled by the cooperation of rollers above is guided backwards. Thus this gets overhead into the dirt container.

One or two side brushes here support the work of the roller brushes by sweeping debris from edges and corners of the roller brushes, which subsequently take it in.

All problem areas of the other sweeping principles are omitted

All debris which passes under the centre of the brush rollers is taken in. The flexibility of the bristles allows objects up to the size of a bottle to be taken in, even with hand sweepers, whereby dust and sand are also safely taken in. Hence it does not block the front dust container.

The lack of gum lip causes also lighter, bulkier objects such as Styrofoam and dry leaves to be captured through the front roller brush and taken in by the sweeper. Through the slight vacuum arising between the roller brushes, very problematic debris, such as paper lying flat on the floor, is also taken in.

The dirt container is filled from above, which enables optimal utilization of the volume. A height-adjustable sweeper roller ensures that wear can be compensated for, and also ensures that the necessary depth penetration of the sweeper roller is maintained on uneven flooring.

In the large selection of Stolzenberg sweepers, you will find the right TRS sweeper for your intended purpose. And if you need a machine for very specific tasks, we will be happy to develop your own personal solution, with your cooperation.