Cleaning Solutions

Stolzenberg - the sweeping machine specialist

From the nimble hand-operated sweeper, the battery-powered sweepers and the vacuum sweepers to the fully hydraulically driven seat-operated sweepers with high dumping, Stolzenberg always offers the right floor cleaning machine for every requirement.

And in all areas where effective and time-saving floor cleaning is required: Our sweepers are used successfully in agriculture, industry, local authorities, and landscaping, diverse businesses and with private consumers.

Always the best sweeper

Perfectly matched to your needs

Because of modern corporate structures, we can offer rapid development processes and as much flexibility as possible.

After intensive market observation and in close contact with corporate customers as well as end users of cleaning machines, market-oriented and demanding specifications are initially created for your sweeper solution. In the subsequent implementation in partial and complete solutions, we at Stolzenberg not only pay attention to market contact but we also work together intensively with specialists, for example the supply partner from metal and plastic processing, flow and ventilation technology, filter technology, electronics, engine and hydraulic construction.

In this way, for Stolzenberg sweepers, the latest and most efficient manufacturing processes are always used. And of course, these are always precisely tailored to each product. In all calculations, designs and drawings in addition to using the latest software and hardware are considered to be empirically established findings. Forms and models for the respective sweeper series are created under specification and direction of the design of the Stolzenberg Company and reliable suppliers are subsequently made available for manufacturing.

However, before a new sweeper goes into serial production, the pilot series is extensively tested in the market for its suitability. Thus, the sweepers can be adapted and optimized to meet the requirements of our customers. In many cases, less than a year has passed from coordination with the customer to the start of serial production. Of course, this is delivered just in time for assembly. Through cooperation with regional suppliers, Stolzenberg can react quickly and flexibly and ensure quality assurance through the entire process chain. In this way, it is possible to provide high quality sweepers at competitive prices.

Whether you want to sweep leaves, coarse dirt or dust, our patented tandem roller system (TRS) makes Stolzenberg sweepers uniquely effective and flexible. When you buy a Stolzenberg sweeper, you can rely on permanent sweeping performance. Because the two counter-rotating brush rollers of the TRS avoid neither beverage cans and bottles, nor the smallest particles such as fine dust.

Through constant willingness to innovate, service orientation and custom-made solutions, we have gained the trust of our customers in over 125 years as a specialized supplier and manufacturer of quality sweepers. This trust is based on our very close cooperation with reliable local suppliers, which enables special solutions for customers to be implemented cost-effectively and within the shortest time.

Thus, both custom-made products as well as larger series belong to our day-to-day business. For small, medium and large surfaces, we always have the right sweeper: And we will even tell you when only a dustpan and brush are required.

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