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From the nimble hand-operated sweeper, the battery-powered sweepers and the vacuum sweepers to the fully hydraulically driven seat-operated sweepers with high dumping, Stolzenberg always offers the right floor cleaning machine for every requirement.

And in all areas where effective and time-saving floor cleaning is required: Our sweepers are used successfully in agriculture, industry, local authorities, and landscaping, diverse businesses and with private consumers.

Video of the month: TwinSweep 900E

The newest innovation of a walk-behind sweeper: high-performance and a modern design.

NEW | The TwinSweep 900E

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Product overview

Cross Sweep 650

New: up to 125.000 qm – The TT 1800

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Because of modern corporate structures, we can offer rapid development processes and as much flexibility as possible.

After intensive market observation and in close contact with corporate customers as well as end users of cleaning machines, market-oriented and demanding specifications are initially created for your sweeper solution.

In the subsequent implementation in partial and complete solutions, we at Stolzenberg not only pay attention to market contact but we also work together intensively with specialists, for example the supply partner from metal and plastic processing, flow and ventilation technology, filter technology, electronics, engine and hydraulic construction.

Our product series

Sweepers for all purposes

up to 1.000 qm

Twinner 800 Series

up to 1.500 qm

Cross Sweep Series

up to 2.000 qm

Matrix 900 Series

up to 2.500 qm

Tandem KS 900 Series

up to 4.000 qm

TwinSweep 900E Series

up to 5.000 qm

Tandem KS 1000 Series

up to 8.000 qm

Twin Top 1000 Series

up to 12.000 qm

Twin Top 1100 Series

up to 14.000 qm

Twin Top 1200 Series

up to 50.000 qm

Twin Top 1300 Series

up to 125.000 qm

Twin Top 1800 Series