Less dust, even more cleanliness

A generally higher purity is achieved with the consistent use of sweepers than with the time and personnel-consuming cleaning using brooms. By dust extraction during the sweeping process, our sweepers clean effectively and sustainably, particularly in areas with increased dust content.

The swept up from the floor dust particles reach the fluidized air in the dust container. In order to reduce this excess pressure, so that the dust does not escape uncontrollably from the machine, the air is drawn through the filter.

In this way, only fine dust enters into the filter, which is easily cleaned from the outside: The dust captured in the filter thereby falls directly into the dust container

Through this technique, only the particles which belong there enter the filter: Fine dust. Paper and other larger particles enter directly into the coarse dirt container and thus cannot clog the filter.

The fine dust is hence not whirled-up and does not return to the surfaces to be cleaned. The vacuum mechanism is both in electric sweepers as well as in sweepers with an internal combustion engine. The drive of the smallest vacuum sweeper already provides more than 200 m³ / h.

In some vacuum sweepers, this engine simultaneously serves as the pre-drive. An unrivaled and comfortable ease of cleaning operation is the result.