Sweepers from Osnabrück

Stolzenberg is a supplier and manufacturer of floor cleaning machines of the highest quality. From the brush factory at the time, a technically well-developed company for high-quality sweepers has emerged over the years.

For 4 generations and over 125 years, we have been in the business of service orientation, customer focus and a lot of technical expertise.

Last but not least, we owe this reliability to the pioneering invention that gives Stolzenberg sweepers the decisive advantage: The sweeping principle developed by Stolzenberg, the tandem roller system (TRS), is consistently implemented throughout the product range. Because this innovative system brings the most performance out of every sweeper. Whether the sweeper is hand-operated, seat-operated, battery-powered or powered by a diesel, gas or petrol engine: All function reliably, thoroughly and in an energy-efficient way, thanks to the TRS.

Sweepers from Osnabrück for every requirement

Both custom-made sweepers and sweepers produced on a large scale are part of our day-to-day business. In service, flexibility, speed and knowledge of the industry are particularly important to us. In the production, the use of high quality materials and great care has proven useful in the processing.

Only in this way do we also meet our own requirement to offer an individualised solution for each customer. This is made possible by the very close cooperation with reliable local suppliers.

“Made in Germany” simply belongs to this for us. In this way, we can also produce custom-made machines cost-effectively within a short time.