TwinSweep 700E

The latest addition to the TwinSweep line. The TS 700E features a high-quality design and impressive performance. For maximum manoeuvrability, easy steering and efficient cleaning of dusty, sandy areas. Also perfect for sweeping coarse dirt. Available in two versions: In addition to the Basic version, the PRO features a folding out side broom for quick and efficient sweeping in corners and along shelving. The PRO version also features extended runtime and LED front lighting.


The compact and extremely robust suction sweeper excels in all professional applications. Thanks to its folding-out side broom, it has a highly efficient total sweeping width of 700 mm. In combination with excellent suction, the twin roller center brush system leaves no dirt behind. Neither dust, sand or debris pose any problems.

model comparisonTS 700 Video (short version)TS 700 Video (long version)

Technical data of this vacuum sweeper

Battery specs12V 50Ah (C20) AGM
2x 12V 75Ah (C20) AGM
Theoretical run time/hours
up to 3h
up to 4h
Battery chargerOn boardOn board
Charging indicator with discharge protection
Hour meter
Sweeping system
Tandem-Roller-System (TRS) Tandem-Roller-System (TRS)
Side broom folding out
Sweeping width
with retractable
side broom (mm)
with folded-out
side broom (mm)
Sweeping width
of main brush (mm)
Electrical brush drive
Power transmissionbelt-drivenbelt-driven
Theoretical sweeping performance (m2/h)2400 (4000m/hx0,6m)2800 (4000m/hx0,7m)
Suction system
Suction airflow (at 10 mm H²O)
220 m³/h
220 m³/h
Suction off-switch
(for wet-debis sweeping)

Filter area1 m²
1 m²
Characteristicwater resistantwater resistant
Filter shakermechanical
Dirt-hopper volume (l)4040
Machine dimensions
L x B x H (mm)
1030 x 700 x 6401030 x 700 x 640
Empty weight (incl. batteries)
Adjustable push handle
LED headlights