The professional vacuum sweeper

Arguably unmatched in hand-operated sweeper performance, this machine series becomes an indispensable working tool for all areas in which maximum performance is required: Industry, Services, municipal use, etc.

The extremely powerful dust extraction of this vacuum sweeper with a volume capacity of over 600 cubic meters of air flow per hour through the 3 m² dust filter, combined with the technically sophisticated tandem roller system makes the Tandem KS 1000 a sweeper for the optimal removal of fine and coarse dirt in the professional sector – quickly, thoroughly and easily.

The mechanical filter developed by Stolzenberg even cleans deep rib areas reliably and eliminates up to 45% more dust from the filter ribs than conventional cleaning mechanisms.

KSV 1000

up to 5.000 qm

KSE 1000

up to 5.000 qm

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KSE 1000 KSV 1000
Power supply / engine 24 V, 900 W, 2 x 12 V, á 80 Ah Batterie Honda, 4 Takt, 3KW
Sweeping system Tandem Roller System (TRS) Tandem Roller System (TRS)
Sweeping path without side broom 600 mm 600 mm
With 1 side broom 800 mm 800 mm
With 2 side brooms 1000 mm 1000 mm
Power transmission chain chain
Theor. sweeping performance 4000 m²/h 4000 m²/h
Pract. sweeping performance 2600 m²/h (65%) 2600 m²/h (65%)
net cleaning surface up to 5000 m² 5000 m²
Dirtcollectorvolume 70 liter 70 liter
Autonomy up to 2,5 hours up to 2,5 hours
Automatic main broom drive Yes Yes
length 1190 mm 1190 mm
width 790 mm 790 mm
height 820 mm 820 mm
weight 105 kg
weight (incl. batterie) 125 kg
Suction system Yes Yes
Airflow Volum 600 m³/h 600 m³/h
Filtersurface  3 m² 3 m²
Filterreinigung mechanical mechanical