The robust vacuum sweeper

Over 50 years of expertise in the development of sweepers have been incorporated into the development of this machine. The result: A sweeper on the cutting edge of technology.

The KS 910 is the powerhouse in the tandem class. As a universal hand-operated sweeper, it combines the advantages of the extremely powerful dust extraction with the technically superior tandem roller system (TWS). Both the KSV gasoline sweeper and the KSE electric sweeper are very easy to use, extremely robust and also run very quietly. Of course, the electrically operated KSE 910 has deep discharge protection which prevents the battery from excessively discharging. The electric version is also delivered with on-board charger as an option.

The use of an external charger is omitted. In addition, both the battery and the gasoline-powered sweeper sweeper have a suction fan interruption, two side brushes, height-adjustable handle and a quick-change mechanism for the dust filter. The consistent use of integral construction ensures a very strong, robust and durable structure which has grown to be extremely shock-resistant and for heavy use. The roller mechanisms are made entirely of steel and therefore are particularly robust and require little maintenance. Through a double-walled rotationally molded design, the KS 910 is particularly quiet. The large filter area of ​​2.5 sqm ensures dust free sweeping even for critical uses. Through the traction drive, even large areas can be cleaned without fatigue in a short time.

KSV 910

up to 3.000 qm

KSE 910

up to 3.000 qm

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KSE 910 KSV 910
Power supply / engine 12 V, 300 W, 80Ah-Batterie Honda, 4 Takt, 2,9 KW
Sweeping system TRS TRS
Sweeping path without side broom 500 mm 500 mm
With 1 side broom 700 mm 700 mm
With 2 side brooms 900 mm 900 mm
Power transmission cam belt cam belt
Theor. sweeping performance 3600 m²/h 3600 m²/h
Pract. sweeping performance 2340 m²/h (65%) 2340 m²/h (65%)
net cleaning surface up to 3000 m² 3000 m²
Dirtcollectorvolume 60 liter 60 liter
Autonomy up to 2/4 hours up to 3 hours
Automatic main broom drive Yes Yes
length 1150 mm 1150 mm
width 790 mm 790 mm
height 600 mm 600 mm
weight 95 kg
weight (incl. batterie) 105
Suction system Yes Yes
Airflow Volume m3/h 250 m³/h 250 m³/h
Filtersurface m² 2,5 m² 2,5 m²
Filter cleaning mechanism mechanical mechanical
Speed km/h 3,7 km/h 3,7 km/h
Climbable grade % 20 % 20 %