Twin Top 1300 Series

The sweeper powerhouse for strong results

The TT 1300 series from Stolzenberg combines the Tandem Roller System (TRS) for unsurpassed sweeping results with a particularly robust, high-performance platform of a professional vacuum sweeper for extremely reliable operation under the most difficult conditions. The two counter-rotating brush rollers safely take in both fine dust and objects up to 1 liter bottle size: They pick them up and throw them in the reat-mounted dirt container which is filled to 90%.

With an 80 centimeter main sweeping roller (350mm diameter), this powerful seat-operated sweeper even grabs problem dirt such as stones, bottles, as well as large amounts of fine dust, which is reliably contained in the 6-square-meter horizontally positioned rib filter.

No annoying coarse dirt flap, no pre-sweeping or manual picking up of large debris: With a run-over, the surface is cleaned thoroughly and reliably. Therefore the large rotational molded trim components help to keep the sweeper handy and flexible and allow full access to the technology for maintenance, loading or refueling operations in a few seconds.

Compare the technical data

TT/D1300TT/E 1300TT/P1300
Power supply / engine2 cyl. Lombardini 702 11,7 KW 24 V, 360 Ah 2,9 kW Honda GX 390 / 8,20 kW +a 3600 rpm
Sweeping systemTandem Roller System (TRS) Tandem Roller System (TRS) Tandem Roller System (TRS)
Sweeping path without side broom800 mm800 mm800 mm
With 1 side broom1100 mm1100 mm1100 mm
With 2 side brooms1300 mm1300 mm1300 mm
Power transmissionhydraulic / chain Electric / chain hydraulic / chain
Theor. sweeping performance13000 m²/h13000 m²/h13000 m²/h
Pract. sweeping performance9100 m²/h (70%)9100 m²/h (70%)9100 m²/h (70%)
net cleaning surface up to50000 m²50000 m²50000 m²
Dirtcollectorvolume150 liter150 liter150 liter
Autonomyup to 6 hoursup to 4 hoursup to 6 hours
Automatic main broom driveYes Yes Yes
length1830 mm1830 mm1830 mm
width1130 mm1130 mm1130 mm
height1540 mm1540 mm1540 mm
weight690 kg530 kg670 kg
weight (incl. batterie)850 kg
FahrantriebYes Yes Yes
Suction systemYes Yes Yes
Airflow Volum1200 m³/h1200 m³/h1200 m³/h
Filtersurface6 m²6 m²6 m²
Speed10 km/h8 km/h10 km/h
Climbable grade20 %20 %20 %