The Tandem KS 900 Series

The versatile sweeper

The TWS-principle combined with a powerful suction turbine enables a particularly thorough removal of dirt and dust in a single operation. Dust extraction holds the fine dust of debris reliably inside the large filter of the machine. Both the KSV gasoline sweeper and the KSE electric sweeper are very easy to use, extremely robust and also run very quietly.

The travel drive acts via freewheels on two big wheels and ensures perfect handling of both tandem sweepers, even in curves. Businesses, industry, parking garages and local authorities, in short: all areas where interior or exterior surfaces must be swept quickly, efficiently and free of dust. Robust and space-saving, the sweeper is a very sturdy construction with steel frame and foldable handle.

Compare the technical data

KSE 900KSV 900
Power supply / engine12 V, 300 W, 80Ah-Batterie Honda, 4 Takt, 1KW
Sweeping systemTandem Roller System (TRS) Tandem Roller System (TRS)
Sweeping path without side broom500 mm500 mm
With 1 side broom700 mm700 mm
With 2 side brooms900 mm900 mm
Power transmissioncam belt cam belt
Theor. sweeping performance3600 m²/h3600 m²/h
Pract. sweeping performance2340 m²/h (65%)2340 m²/h (65%)
net cleaning surface up to2500 m²2500 m²
Dirtcollectorvolume60 liter60 liter
Autonomyup to 2 hoursup to 2 hours
Automatic main broom driveYes Yes
length1000 mm1000 mm
width780 mm780 mm
height480 mm460 mm
weight52 kg
weight (incl. batterie)56 kg
Suction systemYes Yes
Airflow Volum250 m³/h250 m³/h
Filtersurface1,3 m²1,3 m²
Filter cleaning mechanismmechanisch mechanisch
Speed3.7 km/h3.7 km/h
Climbable grade20 %20 %