Cross Sweep 650

  • electric sweeper
  • 24V battery drive
  • also for uneven surfaces
  • compact to store
  • LED contact pressure display
  • throw sweep mode or free sweep mode
  • deep discharge protection

The one for all

The universal Cross Sweep 650 from Stolzenberg can do it! Thanks to it´s powerful 24 V-motor and maintenance-free AGM-batteries, front-sweeping (e.g. of leaves, sand and snow), pick-up overthrow-sweeping (e.g. debris, paper, sand, leaves) into the large 50 ltr. debris container, cleanes grooves and uneven surfaces and can be stored in a spacesaving matter. We have re-invented sweeping! Available from Q4 2014, patents pending.

Technical data

Power supply / engine24 V, 200 W, 2 x 12 V à 12 Ah Batterie.
Sweeping systemOverthrow- and free-sweeping Method
Sweeping path without side broom400 mm
With 1 side broom650 mm
Power transmissioncam belt
Theor. sweeping performance2275 m²/h
Pract. sweeping performance1365 m²/h (60%)
net cleaning surface up to1500 m²
Dirtcollectorvolume50 liter
Autonomyup to 1 hours
Automatic main broom driveYes
length700 mm
width600 mm
height480 mm
weight (incl. batterie)28,6 kg
Operational area
  • industrial establishment
  • public place
  • sidewalk